Youthscape has gone Online for Summer 2020

Youthscape are now recruiting young people aged 14-24 for the free online programme due to begin this May

Young people who sign up for the programme will:

  • Be assigned a youth worker to help them plan for their future
  • Gain a Level 1 OCN in Vocational Skills
  • Receive 1-1 support
  • Learn new things
  • Meet new people their own age and make new friends

For more information, or to sign up please contact:

For young people all over Donegal!

Letterkenny: 08525792223

Ballybofey: 08525792222

You can also contact us on Facebook or Instagram

Read more about the Youthscape programme here[0]=68.ARDxFYm2em6vY9vy87SJFdcGAuPg3OAl0-XpG2Zqa3a-2Js1IIE0zGrxp4OGQuG3F_MtJCNbjt8rL13v-sxwABbv-AKRu_U5XS5yrvZdt5hviV1v2qfOmNfBczPWS7UKhW110vWVTHs7K-O8TJTydWAFWF_kHOFYnlCgnYrxIKsFyNfe2n5VuRcaDUP4skqBebHN76jQCP7-z_q5Ie5I0qyujuMr4K1mO9i1OkC1TiiryLA0Cu4qOhCTOFNlsVKM0I4PQVptD-pmLUaclKmIh8yiUb0p7wOKLing6s0PTVbxZLnQYJf_YR-ZqZqSZxFAU9XQLSbuOTqPltm1nvRCRJz4QQ

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