Under the slogan “Europe within easy reach”, the Eurodesk campaign Time to Move will run in October 2023, all over Europe with hundreds of events and activities to connect young people to international mobility opportunities throughout Europe.

Eurodesk, the leading European youth information network, is pleased to announce the launch of its annual flagship campaign, Time to Move. The campaign aims to connect young people to the 3000 Eurodesk information points available across Europe through non-formal activities.

“Not many young people know that there are thousands of programmes available for them to learn, volunteer or work abroad. Time to Move is a way to reach them and tell them that programmes, such as the Erasmus+ or the European Solidarity Corps are also for them” said Audrey Frith, Eurodesk Director. “We want to connect young people to our information points across Europe, including those in remote areas and regions where Eurodesk doesn’t have a physical presence yet.”

The main target groups for the campaign include young people from non-city environments who may not have access to or knowledge about learning mobility projects, as well as NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) who could benefit from participating in a learning mobility project to improve their situation.

This year’s campaign will have thematic focuses on various topics, including the European Elections 2024, the European Year of Skills, Green Mobility and the DiscoverEU initiative, Mental health and Traveling abroad, and Volunteering and Solidarity. Eurodesk’s “Talkative Thursdays” sessions on Spotify will feature podcasts with experts discussing these topics in more detail. The podcasts will be published every Thursday in October.

Your skills, your future, your Europe. Time to Move in Letterkenny!

Explore different ways of gaining transferable skills in Europe with Donegal Youth Service and Europe Direct Letterkenny. Central Library Letterkenny and Donegal Youth Service will host a set of talks under the theme of the European Year of Skills on Monday 23rd October, starting at 11 a. m.

We will be talking about volunteering, studying and working in the EU, both from professional and young person’s level.

You will have a chance to talk to our experts and get free and non-judgmental information on mobility opportunities available to you. Visit the Europe Direct Letterkenny if you want to find out more about the European Union and engage in a discussion on its future.

Working, studying, training or volunteering in Europe can be especially beneficial to young people struggling to find their place in society. Often this information doesn’t reach the people who need it most. The Time to Move campaign from Eurodesk, the Europe-wide information network for young people, aims to put this right.


If you want to know more about the European mobility opportunities contact Katarzyna on

0749129630 or Katarzyna.kurzeja@donegalyouthservice.ie


Online contests

As every year, we invite all youth to get competitive with the Time to Move contests! Throughout September and October, we are running two online challenges – a social media challenge and a T-shirt design contest. The results of these competitions will be used for future editions of the campaign, giving a voice and space to young people in the design of the campaign. More information on how to participate is available on the website!


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