Youth Health

Are you happy with the information you have about your health? Would you like to learn more about how to make good decisions about your health?

LTASDonegal Youth Service can offer young people fun and interactive programmes that will promote and inform healthy lifestyle behaviours.  Programmes can vary in duration from a session a week for 6-10 weeks, to half day one off session and can be accredited.  They cover topics such as drug and alcohol awareness, socialising safely, healthy choices, personal development, sexual health awareness, mental health or healthy eating. The organisation works in partnership with a range of agencies to support local and national health promotion events such as Wellness Week, Stand Up Week and Road Safety Week.  DYS has also pioneered the development of strategies and resources to address health based issues including: a sexual health awareness campaign entitled; ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’, sexual health train the trainer programme entitled, ‘Love Hurts’, accredited training in drugs & alcohol, mental health, and personal development.

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