Internet Safety & Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying which happens a lot on social networking sites, online forums, apps and by text or email. Are you are a child or a parent who has been affected by cyberbullying?  Donegal Youth Service can help.

shutterstock_110368037Children and Young People growing up in Ireland are continually being bombarded with the ever increasing influx of Online Tools, smart gadgets, widgets and social networks. Most of whom cope well with this increased sophistication and flourish amidst the many positive aspects of work, play and social interaction.  However, the online “connected” world has many hidden dangers.

Donegal Youth Service provides workshops to educate people about the dangers of the Internet and in particular Cyberbullying, the following areas are dealt with:

  • Types of Cyberbullying
  • Dangers of social networks
  • How to deal with Cyberbullying
  • How to ask for help
  • What can you do to stop it?

Additionally, we strive to encourage both parents and young people to have positive attitudes towards the Internet and embrace it in a responsible and age appropriate manner.

An Internet Safety message from Youth Information Manager Gareth Gibson during the Covid-19 Pandemic

How can DYS help?

Donegal Youth Service has a team of experienced staff who facilitate a mixture of age appropriate workshops and seminars to children, young people, parents and teachers. These sessions are available at both primary and secondary level as well as to other education providers and community groups.

So if you would like us to work with children and young people in your school or group, please contact us.  Our sessions last about 70 minutes and are designed to get young people thinking about this topic. We aim to encourage young people to improve their empathy and to develop “positive online behaviours” and become more aware of risk taking behaviour and associated dangers. We can never ensure that a child or young person will never be cyberbullied: BUT we can ensure that we empower them with the knowledge and information to deal with it appropriately if it does happen.


Personal & Family Support

If you are a young person who has been affected by Cyberbullying or indeed currently being bullied, please contact us for information and support.  For parents who would like help and support to deal with cyberbullying DYS will provide information, advice, suggestions, support and an advocacy service.  Don’t delay contact us today!


Information for Parents and Guardians

A Parents Guide to Device Safety Booklet

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The guide aims to highlight the dangers of the online world, and offers information and simple practical solutions for any parent or guardian to follow.  The 54 page booklet is a simple, yet comprehensive guide for parents and guardians to ensure young people are safer online.  It covers everything from privacy settings on Facebook, email scams, app permissions, to parental controls on the Playstation Network and much more.

This is a project of the Safe & Secure Subcommittee of the Donegal Children & Young People’s Services Committee.  This project was led by Donegal Youth Service, supported by CYPSC Seed Funding from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.



Cyberbullying Information for Parents

Cyberbullying & Internet Safety

Cyberbullying and Internet Safety – Top 10 tips

  • Think Before You Post – Respect others
  • Be Responsible Online
  • Keep a Record –including times and dates
  • Tell Someone – talk to someone you trust: a parent, teacher, friend or youth worker
  • Contact your Service Provider and REPORT what’s happening
  • Get in touch with Support Services
  • Don’t Reply to the bullying messages
  • Change your Contact Details
  • Keep your Username and Password Secret
  • Set up Privacy Settings

For more information, to have a chat, or to book a workshop call Gareth Gibson, Youth Information Manager in the DYS head office on 074 91 29630, or call in to 16-18 Port Road Letterkenny.