An Internet Safety Message for Parents and Guardians during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Youth Information Manager, Gareth Gibson has a message about Internet Safety for Parents and Guardians. We are all relying on technology and the internet to stay connected more than ever right now, so it’s important to make sure young people are safe online.

Take care, stay home and stay safe… online as well![0]=68.ARAC-t8B2huwm_PQsc5hWftHwbYV-Q0AzxMCv-UMzgacKduS6Y5BYU2A8SbAcm4uUyqOFdsfQ7z4Ztmk47BgZ9in52HyxLt7tlJQz_Op6zMadLs_3Z7ZXEUAbc5pxiAevKBngwpcils10xejzDor8DYMyLDREuV3XLXGuevKkjtR_lU8Bd83CmTbnLFimDXKd2ZGDIy7WNy2AEWI8tUIoAIRbeBTuwEbyJMi_GwDyddb045wh4TI-Mh8TfFro3NdvlQLGbCaShqc9kGw8zOuDLiuTIzqUUOuC-KneL6AtQHWN3FJtHtOp5ctI70iwL7B2TH5DyXEeTGo-Kx_XwnlsKjpBEsYttr8BVzQnQFzhVo4qfZ2XEBcfJSI9ChKgbn1fxIQflkhSNkthIgEN1fwdbaSrxs0MLm8Mr8ByLBhLufY8AwVYCJ1HD4v9nST&__tn__=-R

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