The ‘Unlocking your Potential (UP) project will target a small cohort of 16-25 year old’s not currently in education, training or employment, who are vulnerable to polarisation, come from complex and difficult backgrounds, and therefore are most at risk of marginalisation and disadvantage.


The aim of the project will be to initially build on participants’ personal development, resilience and coping skills and when appropriate provide training options to promote employment or further education opportunities.

  • It is a Personal Youth Development Programme designed to meet the needs of young people who are ‘most at risk’ for various reasons.
  • There will be a focus on intensive one to one work with these young people.
  • Support will be provided to them on a 5 day week and on-call support provided as and when needed (out of hours and weekend)
  • The programme is based in and around the Letterkenny areas.
  • It is accessible to 16-25 year olds
  • It is funded by IFI
  • The programme & its budget are managed by Donegal Youth Service Project Staff
  • The Personal Youth Development Programme (PYDP) was launched in late 2015 within the Fund’s Community Consolidation – Peace Consolidation 2016-2020 Strategy.
  • The Programme aims to help young people build and develop life skills that foster good relations, build confidence and resilience and make them more employable.
  • PYDP projects are designed at a local level, engaging with the referral systems to provide accredited and non-accredited opportunities in Good Relations, Personal Development, Employability/Education Skills Development and Community/Social Development.

This project is funded by:

International fund for Ireland