Time to Move- discover ways to experience Europe with Donegal Youth Service and Europe Direct Letterkenny.

What’s on this year?

There are many opportunities in Europe for young people from Ireland. Especially those with fewer opportunities, such as unemployed young people and early school leavers. Time to Move activities are organised by Eurodesk experts and offer young people the opportunity to prepare themselves for physical or virtual projects. They can browse through webinars, information sessions, opportunities for personal guidance or physical activities near them, and start planning ahead.

Working, studying, training or volunteering in Europe can be especially beneficial to young people struggling to find their place in society. Often this information doesn’t reach the people who need it most. The Time to Move campaign from Eurodesk, the Europe-wide information network for young people, aims to put this right.

This year in Letterkenny two amazing teams will work together on an exciting TTM event. The Europe Direct Letterkenny and Donegal Youth Service invite TY students to the workshop on the Euroactivism. This will be a unique opportunity to discover and explore what does it really mean to be the European citizen and how young people can shape the world around them. The date of the event will be announced shortly.

Europe is open to you!

Every Thursday in October, on Eurodesk Brussels Link YouTube and social media channels, you can find a Q&A interview around key topics for young people. Locally, you can talk to our expert- Katarzyna Kurzeja, Youth Information Officer in Letterkenny YIC and get free and non-judgmental information on mobility opportunities available to you. Visit the Europe Direct Letterkenny if you want to find out more about the European Union and engage in a discussion on its future.

“It is very important to have places where young person can go to and ask all the questions about their next steps- whether they want to study, or take a gap year and explore the world, or simply move to another country. The Europe is open to you, and here at Donegal Youth Service and Europe Direct centre we are always happy to provide reliable information and support young people’s development”, says Katarzyna. “It’s great that this year I can work with Kevin McCaul, ED Letterkenny and deliver the workshop to local students and professionals. We hope for a successful and inspirational event.”

Play Mysteries in Riga- online escape game

Mysteries in Riga’ is the second Eurodesk online game inspired by escape rooms where 2 players cooperate to solve riddles and challenges. Play together on two separate screens and communicate with each other to solve enigmas on the way.

Feeling competitive? Join Eurodesk contest

This is your Time to Move and as every year and particularly on the occasion of the European Year of Youth, all young people are invited to get competitive with the Time to Move contest! Throughout September and October, Eurodesk is running two online challenges! Participate in any of them and have a chance to win fantastic prizes. For more information visit: https://timetomove.eurodesk.eu/ or find Eurodesk on Instagram to follow the campaign and stay updated on the latest developments. The official website of the campaign is available in 19 languages and allows visitors to browse through events via an interactive map and to enter the contest with a few clicks

If you want to know more about the European mobility opportunities contact Katarzyna on 0749129630 or Katarzyna.kurzeja@donegalyouthservice.ie

Social media handle @yicletterkenny

More about Eurodesk:

More than 1,200 youth professionals work with Eurodesk in Europe to raise awareness among young people about mobility opportunities and to encourage them to become active citizens. As a support organisation to the EU education and training programme Erasmus+, Eurodesk provides comprehensive and accessible information on learning mobility to those who work with young people. Eurodesk youth information workers always make sure that the information they channel is relevant and timely.  Eurodesk is managed in Ireland by Léargas.


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