Our Generation releases new app that teaches mental wellness

The Donegal Youth Service would like to introduce you to a fantastic new APP created by the Our Generation project that will teach young people about mental health in a fun way. The app was generated and designed directly by young people from Donegal Youth Service and young people from across the Border counties and Northern Ireland as part of the Our Generation project

The OUR Generation app was also developed in collaboration with researchers at the Ulster University’s School of Psychology along with Prof. Maurice Mulvenna of the AI Research Centre in the University’s School of Computing.

“The Donegal Youth Service has been working with children and young people on their mental health for many years and I am delighted to see this support develop digitally also.” Frankie McGreevy Our Generation Manager

The app aims to educate children & young people about mental health and wellbeing. It is designed as a digital learning tool, featuring 5 levels with activities relating to mental health and well-being, coping and problem-solving skills, perspective taking, empathy and intergroup contact & trust.

Speaking at the launch event for the APP, David Babington thanked the young poeple for taking part in OUR Generation and the app development workshops.

He said: “We’re delighted to be launching the OUR Generation app at Dromintee Primary school. It was important to us that children and young people were involved in the co-design of this app, and pupils from Dromintee were involved in our initial research workshops that helped us get a sense of what types of apps they like to play, and the kind of content they enjoy.”

He added: “We hope the OUR Generation app will be used as a digital learning tool by children, young people and their key contacts to help develop awareness around resilience, mental health and wellbeing.

To find out more and to download the App go to https://ourgeneration-cyp.com and click on the find out more link.



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