Donegal Youth Service have been holding support meetings for youth clubs in order to support the implementation of NQSFVLYG which stands for National Quality Standards For Voluntary Led Youth Groups.

The NQSF was introduced in January 2011. The NQSF was implemented to create an ease of which Youth Groups could reinforce best practices abd improve better value for money while also assisting youth organisations and services in addressing the developmental needs of young people to an even greater extent and in a more cost effective manner.

This was followed in 2011, with the NQSFVLYG, which is a set of national standards for local volunteer-led youth groups and clubs. These national standards have been developed and refined in consultation with young people, volunteers, youth organisations, the National Youth Work Advisory Committee, the Irish Vocational Education Association and VEC Youth Officers. The Standards present an opportunity for youth groups to demonstrate their commitment to good practice and to the delivery of quality programmes and activities which meet the needs and expectations of its young members. As well as being a benchmark for progress, the NQSVLYG provides a fundamental building block upon which practice can be developed on an ongoing basis. These Quality Standards are a “living document” which will evolve and be reviewed and informed by the process as the Standards are implemented in clubs and groups.

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