Donegal Youth Service actively encourages parental/carer involvement at many levels.  Parental/Carer consent is sought for activities, courses etc and this ensures that parents are informed of the service provided and their child’s involvement.  This also encourages communication between staff/volunteers and parents/carers to ensure young people are getting the best service possible

Parents/Carers are always welcome to get involved and take part in different DYS activities and projects. We run a number of initiatives aimed at both informing and supporting parents in what can be a challenging environment. We hold regular sessions for parents in areas such as Internet Safety and Cyberbullying.  The Youth Information Centre also offers vital support and information for parents on a range of youth related issues and often acts as a signposting service for other support agencies in the county.

If you would like to get involved in a different way parents also may consider volunteering your time at a local club or project. Donegal Youth Service works with over 11500 young people countywide and we are always looking for volunteers.  Volunteers are vital to Donegal Youth Service programmes to young people. Donegal Youth Service has a wide range of programmes, projects and youth clubs that require volunteers to keep them going.  If had a few hours to spare you could help run your local club or get involved in organising a fund raiser to help support the work of DYS.