Corporate Support

Donegal Youth Service is an energetic and contemporary youth organisation constantly striving to meet the ever changing needs of the youth population and we are delighted to partner with companies who have a commitment to invest in young people. Getting involved with Donegal Youth Service can be wonderfully motivating for staff and customers.

Our corporate partnerships are extremely important to the work of Donegal Youth Service. We know different companies like to do things in different ways. That is why we offer a range of options from which you can choose – from sponsoring a campaign to setting up a payroll-giving system.

Choose to support Donegal Youth Service with all of your charitable activities for the duration of a year or more. Staff involvement, a variety of activities and commitment to our cause are essential elements of a successful partnership.

Product Promotion

If you are a retailer, product promotion can be a very successful way to ensure that your company enhances brand awareness, increases sales and raises vital funds for our charity.  This allows your company to support a specific campaign or initiative.  We are interested in building long term sustainable partnerships with companies.

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a convenient way for companies and their employees to give regularly with minimum effort. Giving in this way provides a reliable source of income to our charity for one year or more. Sponsor an event or campaign

Sponsorship of an event or campaign gives your company an opportunity to align with the messages of Donegal Youth Service. and often offers PR benefits for your company. Sponsorship allows Youth Work Ireland to run programmes and event which would otherwise not happen.

Get your employees involved

Encourage your employees to get involved with Donegal Youth Service by signing up for payroll giving, taking part in an activity such as the women’s mini marathon or volunteer to fundraise for Donegal Youth Service.  Employees can also donate their time as volunteers at various events.