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2018 Bucket List

It’s February already, are you feeling the pressure of your new year’s resolutions?  Why not start a 2018 Bucket List now instead?  Spring is often an easier time to take on challenges.  Besides, Chinese New Year is part of their Spring festival which starts on the 16th of February this year.

Maybe you caved in and have given up already?  It’s still dark, wet and miserable outside, and spring is still a long way off.  Many of us have been trying to go tee-total, sugar free, low carb vegan after the Christmas holiday food fest while chanting ‘my body is a temple!’ after each bite of broccoli.  With little success.

It can be a real challenge trying to do a 180 in your life in January.  Replacing breakfast cake with a healthier option, eating less than 14 meals a day, and drinking unflavoured regular water from the tap is just too much, too soon for a lot of people.

So instead of just giving yourself ‘get healthy’, and ‘lose weight’ ultimatums, why not add a few goals to a 2018 bucket list?  Instead of saying ‘I must be a pure sugar free being of the light who meditates 4 hours a day’, why not write down ‘meditate once per week’, or ‘stop eating out of boredom’ instead.

There are lots of great things you can plan to do this year that are healthy for your mind and your body.  What about planning a trip somewhere in Ireland?  A holiday abroad?  Hit a savings goal?  Go for more outdoor walks, start an exercise class, paint a picture, or learn a language. Think of the satisfaction of ticking things off as you do them!

What about something that’s good for more than just you?  Plan a beach clean with some friends, or make it a goal to just pick up some rubbish you see when you’re out somewhere.  Or how about making it a goal to do some volunteering?  There are lots of organisations and opportunities with something to suit everyone.

Finally, what about a simple goal of reaching out to a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while?  You never know how much a simple ‘hey, how’s it going?’ might mean to someone.  Pick some achievable goals personal to you, and make the most of the year.

2018 has so many opportunities for you, go out and grab the ones you want.   And we should all resolve to take care of ourselves, and each other this year, and every year.  So, here’s to a wonderful 2018 filled with fun, adventure, and opportunity from everyone at Donegal Youth Service.



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