Time to Move- discover ways to experience Europe with Donegal Youth Service and Europe Direct Letterkenny.

Central Library Letterkenny and Donegal Youth Service will host a talk on the European Solidarity Corps on Tuesday 8th November at 11.30am. The talk is part of Eurodesks Time to Move campaign. For more information visit: https://timetomove.eurodesk.eu/

The European Solidarity Corps is the new volunteering programme funded by the EU for all the young Europeans aged 18-30. European Solidarity Corps projects are available in every country member of the European Union. Volunteering projects last from one month up to one year. The programme is entirely funded by the EU. Travel, food and accommodation.
There are many opportunities in Europe for young people from Ireland. Especially those with fewer opportunities, such as unemployed young people and early school leavers. Time to Move activities are organised by Eurodesk experts and offer young people the opportunity to prepare themselves for physical or virtual projects. They can browse through webinars, information sessions, opportunities for personal guidance or physical activities near them, and start planning ahead.

Working, studying, training or volunteering in Europe can be especially beneficial to young people struggling to find their place in society. Often this information doesn’t reach the people who need it most. The Time to Move campaign from Eurodesk, the Europe-wide information network for young people, aims to put this right.

Locally, you can talk to our expert- and get free and non-judgmental information on mobility opportunities available to you. Visit the Europe Direct Letterkenny if you want to find out more about the European Union and engage in a discussion on its future.

Katarzyna Kurzeja, Youth Information Officer in Letterkenny YIC commented, “It is very important to have places where young person can go to and ask all the questions about their next steps- whether they want to study, or take a gap year and explore the world, or simply move to another country. The “Europe is open to You” booklets are available at Donegal Youth Service and EUROPE DIRECT Letterkenny. we are always happy to provide reliable information and support young people’s development. It’s great that this year we can work with EUROPE DIRECT Letterkenny and deliver the workshop to local students and professionals. We hope for a successful and inspirational event.”

If you want to know more about the European mobility opportunities contact Katarzyna on 0749129630 or Katarzyna.kurzeja@donegalyouthservice.ie


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