Youth Talk Donegal

Youth Talk Donegal is a free and confidential one to one support service for young people aged 12-25 years. Young people experiencing difficulty in their life can avail of this support to help them cope with issues such as bullying, sexuality, family conflict, problems at school or friendship/relationship difficulties or anything else they may be struggling with.

Young people themselves or parents can call us directly and set up an appointment with one of our professional Youth Talk youth workers.  Schools and other professionals can also refer to us directly.

Young people can come in and meet with a professional youth worker who will utilise active listening through a person-centred approach helping young people to achieve their own personal and social development goals.

No problem is too small, we provide support for young people in crisis but we also take a preventative approach where possible and believe intervening with problems as soon as possible can prevent more serious problems in the future.

This service is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of young people and so is not limited by time. The work continues until the young person and the youth worker come to an agreement that it is time to stop. Young people having developed a trusting relationship with our workers can avail of support in the future whenever they need it.

In some instances the Youth Worker, in consultation with their supervisor and the young person, may decide that a referral to another specialist organisation may be appropriate.  Referring on doesn’t necessarily mean that the young person will stop availing of the Youth Talk Donegal service.

What did young people have to say about Youth Talk?

“It really gave me the push that I needed to help me control myself and handle situations more independently, and I’m a much happier person because of it.”

“The support I received from my worker was fantastic, when I thought nobody cared or wanted to listen, they were there.  I feel now that I’m able to approach anything in a more calm and positive way.  When something goes wrong, there’s always another way without feeling like giving up.  I got a new chance to get who I am back, I’m so thankful.”

“The support I received was excellent, and the youth worker was very understanding and a great listener.  The youth worker always made sure I was comfortable when talking about my problems and was a great help to me.”

To set up an appointment, or for more information about Youth Talk Donegal please e-mail, call (074) 91 29630 or drop in to 16-18 Port Rd, Letterkenny.  You can also message us on social media. We are here for you.