The ‘Get It Right’ Project

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Get It Right is an exciting new European Project between Romanian Youth Movement for Democracy (RYMD), Donegal Youth Service (DYS) and Inter Alia. The partnership between RYMD and DYS is well established since 2009 and the partnership with Inter Alia is a new venture for DYS. Get It Right is funded through Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.

The Project focus is on media literacy and providing an opportunity for young people to examine the concept of Fake News.

Whilst Fake news is nothing new, in this digital era young people (and adults!) have to navigate the overabundance of media sources.  It has become harder to identify the source of news stories, especially on the internet, and this can make it difficult to assess their accuracy.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc allow almost anyone to publish their thoughts or share stories to the world and it is so easy to share information – both true and false – on a massive scale.

The trouble is, most people don’t check the source of the material that they view online before they share it, which can lead to fake news spreading quickly or even “going viral.”

NEW! Media Literacy Handbook – Free Resource Available Now!

Resource Guide for Youth Workers, Trainers, Teachers and Volunteers

  • Get it Right will engage 18 young leaders (6 from each Country) in a ‘train the trainer’ activity where they will devise a media literacy awareness module and will engage young people with fewer opportunities in the delivery of the module.
  • Get it Right will look at young people’s attitudes to fake news, it will look at the way they receive news, if they can spot fake news, understanding how media messages develop our society, recognising misinformation and lies, developing critical thinking skills.

The module will be available in 3 different languages; English, Romanian and Greek and will be disseminated to youth workers and teachers etc.









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