Youth Network for Peace

Donegal Youth Service is a proud partner of Youth Network for Peace (YNP). Youth Network for Peace is a new, regional, cross border, youth led initiative to build a vibrant movement of 10,000 diverse young people aged 15–25yrs across Northern Ireland & the border regions of Ireland, resulting in meaningful, purposeful & sustained contact between young people from different communities;

  • Youth Democracy Hub will connect 10,000 young people.
  • Youth Steering Body of 75 diverse young people will co-ordinate all activities and contribute to broadcasting targets.
  • 16 cross border, youth led Dialogue Events will take place, with 960 young people.
  • YouthBank committees of diverse young people; trained in good relations, assessment of needs, committee & grant giving skills.

    DYS Youth Worker Ineke Abbas with a group of young people at the Youth Network for Peace Convention in Dundalk, November 2019

  • 3 cross border cohorts of young people training & leading on Social Action projects will take place, targeting exclusion & encouraging peace building through joint activities.
  • 4 Campaigns will be researched & supported by young people each year on legacy & contemporary issues, with 3 cross border conventions led by young people.
  • 6 Influencing actions & 3 cross border, youth led participative democracy events will take place.
  • 1 on line, internet regional radio & social media station will be set up & run by young people, connecting young activists with debates, live shows and topical discussions.
  • Insight youth polls will be conducted by young people to test & monitor attitudes.

Partnership of 13 cross border, voluntary youth organisations, will meet quarterly to support a youth steering body to monitor & manage activities.

Strategically YNP will link regional youth organisations to better co-ordinate youth participation & peace building North & South. Connecting & enhancing grass roots peace development through a regional network is integral to YNP.