Monday 17th April was European Youth Information Day and the birthday of ERYICA’s (The European Youth Information and Counselling Agency) birthday and Donegal youth service were taking this opportunity to celebrate the Quality Label we received from ERYICA.
The European Youth Information Quality Label was developed in the 2019-2020 Council of Europe – ERYICA partnership agreement, to assist young people in finding quality information, in accordance to the European Youth Information Charter. The label tells a young person that any organisation that holds it provides accurate, unbiased and verified information.
This Quality Label is recognition Donegal Youth Service and our Youth Information Centre are particularly proud of and we wanted to celebrate this great achievement with our community.
The Youth Information Manager Gareth Gibson said:
“Our team are really proud of their work and provide accurate and unbiased information whether it’s to visitors of the Youth Information Centre here in Letterkenny or through our online work which includes the YIChat in partnership with SpunOut, Crosscare, Youth Work Ireland and YMCA, so we feel we deserve to celebrate the recognition of our hard work from a Europe wide organisation such as ERYICA”.
“As a Youth Information Officer, I am so pleased and proud that Letterkenny Youth Information Centre has been awarded this recognition of our hard work and ERYICA’s birthday seems an appropriate time to celebrate this achievement. It tells young people that they can rely on the information we provide in our centre and that a particular piece of information is verified, true and unbiased.” Said the Youth Information Officer Katarzyna Kurzeja.


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