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Donegal Youth Service are a countywide youth agency with over 30 affiliated youth clubs, and numerous projects which have been developed as a direct response to the needs of young people.  Projects which support their mental, emotional and physical health, provide training and empower them to reach their own individual potential.  

From humble beginnings in 1981, we have grown a lot over the years, and we now work with over 11,500 young people every year from age 3 – 30.  We are here for young people wherever they are, year after year, generation after generation in whatever way we are needed.

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Young People

There’s lots of things you can get involved in at Donegal Youth Service.  Whether you want to avail of accredited training, join a group, get support with something you’re going through, learn new things, make new friends, join a youth club, or play some pool in the drop-in and have the craic we’ve got you covered.  We have a wide range of services across the county including LGBTI* support, education support, support for Young Carers and lots more.  Check out our projects and see what you’re interested in.



Donegal Youth Service is committed to supporting parents/guardians as part of our service to young people. The role of parents/guardians is essential in the support of young people and the focus of work with young people is to ensure that communication with parents is kept to the fore. If you would like to get involved with the service, or if you would like to talk to someone about the services for young people please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.



We’re currently updating and improving our website.  We hope everything is working properly, but if not it will be fixed soon.  We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.  Please contact us and see what we can do for you! 🙂

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@DonegalYouthSvc recently launched ‘A Parents Guide to Device Safety’, a project of our Safe and Secure Subcommittee. Pick up a free copy at Donegal Youth Service, 16-18 Port Road Letterkenny or from us at 24 Slieve Sneacht Rd, Letterkenny.

We just launched a new Device Safety Booklet for Parents/Guardians! Pick up your free copy at DYS 16-18 Port Road or @CYPSCDL 24 Slieve Sneacht Road. #donegal https://t.co/qyKdMFV2r2

We are looking for 3 people to volunteer with us:
1x Youth Information Centre support worker
2x LOFT/ YIC support workers

Email your CV and personal statement to katarzyna.kurzeja@donegalyouthservice.ie
Please put EVS 2019 in the subject line.

#evs #esc #erasmusplus

We are excited to launch a call out for the new #YouthNetworkforPeace #PeaceIV campaign entitled #HumansNotStats on homelessness - If you are a youth project or club based in the border or northern counties + want to get involved read the link here : https://t.co/SoFQ54Lbrd

Have a great St. Patrick's weekend, but remember please Stay Safe on the roads. @donegalcouncil @DonegalMaps @DonegalETB @DonegalYouthSvc @RSAIreland @FinnHarpsFC @donegalgaa @highlandradio @DonegalDaily @DonegalLibrary @DonegalYR

34 deaths on Ireland's roads to date in 2019. 9 more than for same period in 2018. Please look out for each other & Stay Safe. @donegalcouncil @DonegalMaps @DonegalDaily @highlandradio @FinnHarpsFC @DonegalForoige @DonegalLibrary @DonegalYouthSvc @DonegalYR @RSAIreland

Super local support services attended #DonegalIGCExpo this week! Thanks to @DonegalYouthSvc @yicletterkenny, @SamaritansIRL and @DonegalForoige @Foroige for coming along. #wellbeing


📣 Calling young people across UK and Ireland! 📣

Want to have your voice heard at the British Irish Parliamentary Assembly @BritishIrishPA? Make your vote count before the 3rd March 2019 #BIPAYouth @EUErasmusPlus https://t.co/rJkCplt0nC

Don't let your mobile phone distract you. @DonegalETB @donegalcouncil @DonegalMaps @DonegalDaily @highlandradio @DonegalYouthSvc @DonegalLibrary @Donegalcomuseum @donegalgaa @FinnHarpsFC

.@NWSharingZone Save the date - Skills days for young people in the north west, taking place in the @MaldronHotels, Derry~Londonderry . @cocacolaie Wed 3rd April 2019. @DonegalYouthSvc @dcsdbusiness @CentreClooney @extern1978 @nwrc_bsc #Derry #Londonderry

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Your donations make a big difference to the work that we do. Thank you for supporting young people. You can make a donation safely and securely through PayPal. DYS are a registered charity. Charity Number: CHY 15027. READ MORE...

'Three Girls in Letterkenny' - EVS Blog

Need to talk?

“The support I received from my worker was fantastic, when I thought nobody cared or wanted to listen, they were there.  I feel now that I’m able to approach anything in a more calm and positive way.  When something goes wrong, there’s always another way without feeling like giving up.  I got a new chance to get who I am back, I’m so thankful.”

Youth Talk Donegal participant

EVS Blog

We have 3 European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteers from June 2018-2019.  Maria C from Romania, and Maria G and Marta both from Spain.

They volunteer with us full time, working with LOFT, Donegal Youth Council and the Letterkenny Youth Information Centre.

You can stay up to date with how they’re getting on in Donegal and everything they’re up to at work on their blog.  READ MORE…

Project Spotlight

The Young Carers Project supports young people who take on an extra caring role at home. READ MORE…

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